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I go by Chabono or Chab.
Utsuho Reiuji ts the best birb
Favorite Puppets:

Power Lyrica Defense Kotohime Power Yukari
Lyrica.gif Kotohime.gif Yukari.gif

Play Live-A-Live its a good Hidden gem in the Super Famicom library

My Top 10 on current sorter: (If you Want to try it Click the link Here->( ))
Utsuho Yumemi Hijiri Shinki Eiki
Utsuho.gif Yumemi.gif Hijiri.gif Shinki.gif Eiki.gif
Kosuzu Sariel Chiyuri Komachi Kokoro
Kosuzu.gif Sariel.gif Chiyuri.gif Komachi.gif Kokoro.gif

Ability and Skill Groupings
Redesigning the puppets pages

-All of the type pages and its information, as well as Some Dream Type Page with some help from a friend
-Updated info for the Skill card page,
-Added all location of the Ball and Hidden items for all locations in Tpdp sod
-Update the Skill List page,and Redirected some old named skills and abilities to there Updated names.
-Listed all puppet pages by Dex and Style orders
-Did most of the Puppetier pages