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This is a page for writing down info for Challenge Runs, something that is used to make the game slightly more challenging, to improve the replay experience, or if you just like challenging yourself.

(Work in Progress)


Nuzlocke is one of the most famous types of challenge runs in Pokemon, it has a few main rules, 2 strongly recommended rules, and several optional rules to give more spice to your experience.

Main Rules

  • If a puppet faints, no matter the cause, and even if it gets revived from level up afterwards, it is considered "Dead" and must be permanently boxed or released. If all your puppets faint, and you can't get any more from areas you haven't caught a puppet from, it is considered a "Game Over", and you must start over from the beginning.
  • You can only seal the first puppet that appears in a new area, if it faints or flees (Squall/Changeling/etc.) there is no second chance. This does not count for static encounters, and they may be sealed along with your area puppet.

Recommended Rules

  • Players must nickname their puppets, in order to form a stronger emotional bond to them.
  • Players must not reset and reload the save if something goes wrong (like missing and receiving a fatal critical hit), as it makes the challenge part pointless

Optional Rules

  • The player's Starter puppet must be randomly chosen. This can be done by backing out of the starter selection menu instead of choosing something, or by going to a random Touhou character site, such as this site (uncheck all boxes before rolling) and choosing the first character that comes up (reroll if its a character not in the game).
  • A black out/white out is considered to be a "game over," even if there are usable puppets left in the Puppet Box.
  • The player is restricted to only catching the first puppet after each story boss, instead of first puppet in each area.
  • The player must use the same number of Puppets as the opponent uses during a boss fight or rival battle (Reimu and Marisa).
  • The battle style must be changed to "set" in the options menu, meaning the player does not get the opportunity to switch out their puppet after an opponent's puppet faints.
  • The player's Starter puppet must be released or permanently put into a puppet box after the first wild puppet is sealed.
  • HP-recovering and status-healing items may not be used, so the player may only use Rest Stops for healing.
    • Conversely, banning the use of Rest Stops and relying only on Potions and HP-recovering and status-healing items for healing.
  • The player is limited in their Rest Stop visits to a certain number per area that has one.
  • Held items may not be used.
  • The number of Sealing Threads able to be purchased per Rest Stop is limited to a certain number.
  • Fate Threads may not be used.
  • The player may not style captured puppets, but styled puppets may be caught.
    • Alternatively, you can also randomize your style by setting a random number generator to 1-3, and using the style corresponding to that number. For example, Reimus styles are Defense-Power-Extra, if you roll a 1, you choose Defense style.
  • Static encounters may not be used.
  • Merchants may not be used; the only items that may be used are those found in the overworld or given to the player by NPCs.
  • The player may not flee from battle.
  • The player may not use puppets above a certain level limit, which is based on the next Boss puppeteers highest leveled puppet. What to do with puppet in a player's collection that surpass this limit is up to the player.
  • Limit PP usage, in a way up to the player, no learning new moves, no allocating them for EVs, no relearning moves, all of the above, etc.


You can randomize the game, to change the experience entirely rather then just adding challenges to make it more fun. There are many different settings you can choose from, to personalize your experience to your liking. Randomizer can be downloaded from here. https://github.com/php42/tpdp-randomizer

Randomized Nuzlocke

Fairly straightforward. You do a Nuzlocke after using the randomizer on the game for an even further increase in difficulty.

Solo Runs

Choose a starter of a character you want to use, whether because its your favorite character, you consider it really weak for story, or just for the sake of it, then complete the entire game using only that puppet. There is only 1 core rule for this challenge, your starter is the only puppet you are allowed to use and are not allowed to seal other puppets, including duplicates of the puppet you started with, only the starter can be used.

You can add any other challenge to this run that you want to, such as "Game Over" if the puppet faints, no healing items, no held items, etc. It is all up to the runner what optional challenges are added, as long as they follow the core rule of only using that one puppet.