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Author of Mod: Wower/VeePI

Japanese Version included in the download!

If any questions arise, please direct them to the TPDP Discord! Check #sod-extended-fc!


The mod, Shard of Dreams - Extended - Fanchara, is a project that populates the Realm of Dreams area from the Shard of Dreams - Extended - mod with characters originated from Touhou project fanworks, some of which were originally planned for the base mod but got cut during development in order to make it feel more authentic.


  • Adds characters from the Tohou fandom and various Touhou Project fanworks, complete with costumes and fully usable online (provided both players have the fanchara patch installed)
  • Currently featured fanworks: Fantasy Maiden Wars, Subterranean Hatred, Book of Star Mythology, Touhou Puppet Play, Combinations With You

New Puppets

Link to Mod Puppetdex, showing types stats and abilities.

Current Version Download

==== (Current) V1.1 ====

  • 7 new puppets!
  • A Japanese Patch made by @HakanaiBlue

+++ DOWNLOAD +++

Google Drive Link:

+++ CREDITS +++

Planned Updates

- More puppets are planned to be added in future updates, there's currently an ongoing poll in which you can vote for which character you want to see added.

English poll:


- The polls have closed, thanks to all who voted! Here’s what’s coming next update.

- The Realm of Dreams area will be expanded on as more puppets get added. Extra story content isn't currently planned but might be considered in the future.


Q: Is this an official expansion to Barudo's SoD - Extended- mod?

A: Yes, it is. Barudo is still helping on the mod but he's taking a break from directing it after finishing Extended. This patch was planned for release ever since the fan characters got cut from the main Extended mod.

Q: Can I play online with this mod?

A: Yes you can! If you want to play with the new puppets, both you and your opponent need to have the mod installed though.

Q: Can I play with people who do not have the mod installed?

A: Yes, that also is possible. Just make sure you do not use any of the new puppets, since those will not get displayed for your opponent and will result in a disconnect.

Q: Can I patch this over an unmodded game?

A: No, this is strictly an expansion for the Extended mod.

Q: Can I use my current save?

A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find X puppet?!

A: In the Realm of Dreams, northwest of Alice's house in the Forest of Magic. The locations and encounter rate will also be listed in the wiki soon.

Q: How often will updates happen?

A: Ideally every three to four months. Bugfixes will be released when necessary but main updates that add puppets take time, each update is expected to add around 6 new puppets.

Q: Is there any way for me to help with development?

A: Any help with sprites and portraits is welcome! Sprites are the things that take the most time when developing a puppet so any assistance is appreciated. Aside from that anyone experienced with code/modding this game is also welcome to step up, the current main issue with modding is the limited music tracks that the game allows so anyone that manages to circumvent that will be a huge help for any ongoing mod. In order to contact Wower just message them on Twitter @Vee_314.