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hello and welcome to my webzone

here you will find all sorts of information about my hit new mod for shard of dreams, crimson embers.

you all can have this BRAND NEW AND TOTALLY COOL sub-page type on the wiki that i made in 2 seconds to show off my totally real project! features are

catch it when it drops on 2/27/1996!

I could have copied the main page template and made a new template page for it but that was too much effort for a low effort shitpost that was made to show off I'm allowing custom projects to be documented on the wiki :wacko:. If you Do decide to use the Main Page's template as a landing for your mod, PLEASE make a copy of the template for your own mod. DO NOT EDIT THE ORIGINAL ONE DIRECTLY.

If you are documenting your own mod's stuff on the wiki, please use the Mod:[Name Of Your Project] sub-set of pages to document your particular mod. You may also use further subpages for documentation. For example, like how the Puppetdex (wiki/Puppetdex) and Normal Reimu (wiki/Reimu) are accessed, you can do similar for your own mod (wiki/Mod:[Name Of Your Project]/Shion). An exmaple of such can be found >>here<<. If you make any edits to existing things in the game, I highly suggest that you copy the pages you edit to your own mod's directory and not edit the original pages. I MAY allow special case-by-case exceptions depending on the size and scope of a project, but 99% of the time I will ask you to have your own pages for it.

If you would like a dedicated project channel on the discord, please message me about it and be prepared to show significant progress on the project.

Please follow the rules of the wiki and discord server normally. No exceptions.