Kappa Hideout

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Location Overview Maps Items

Kappa Hideout
Overworld Theme Candid Friend
Wild Battle Theme None on this map
Map Connections Pier: Genbu Ravine

The hideout of the kappa nestled deep within the rivers of Youkai Mountain

Event Overview

Once the player arrives, the kappa who brought the player says to speak to them if they want to leave. They wish you good luck and let the player be. One the player makes it to the lower left they will find the three fairies of light exiting a building. They congratulate themselves on their victory over the kappa and the optical camouflage they stole before saying they plan to visit the Tengu Village and leave. Entering the building, the player happens upon Nitori who confuses them for the thieves and attacks. After being defeated, Nitori realizes the player is not part of the Liberation Front. She then apologizes and takes the player to her house. Once there, the player explains to Nitori that the Faires of Light stole her optical camo and went to the tengu village. Nitori then gives the player the Inflatable Boat in exchange for getting her gear back.


Inside the hut north of the pier.

Name Japanese Name Price
Bead Necklace 数珠 100円
Talisman 護符 200円
Bandage 包帯 40000円
Magic Ring マジックリング 40000円
Black Ring 黒いリング 40000円
Sturdy Rope 丈夫な縄 40000円
Champion's Medal 覇者の証 40000円
Food Rations 兵糧丸 120000円
Jar of Poison 毒壺 25000円
Wolfsbane Root 鳥兜の根 25000円
Burning Stone 焼けた石 25000円
Small Bit 小型ビット 10000円
Counter Bit 迎撃ビット 250000円
Reflect Bit リフレクトビット 250000円
Outlook Glasses 見通し眼鏡 10000円
Capture Rope 捕縛縄 20000円
Seal Thread 封印の糸 200円
Contract Thread 契約の糸 600円

Puppet*SoD Exclusive

Level Range (24~26)
Stray Puppet Encounter
Normal Suika
Fighting Earth
Pot on Center Island


Trainer Puppets
Puppet Liberation Front - Fernannu
Normal Lily (Lv.26)
Puppet Liberation Front - Lola
Normal Wriggle (Lv.26)
Puppet Liberation Front - Marion
Normal Daiyousei (Lv.25), Normal Cirno (Lv.25)
Puppet Liberation Front - Oria
Normal Wakasagi (Lv.24), Normal Luna (Lv.24), Normal Hina (Lv.24)
Puppet Liberation Front - Kurisu
Normal Rumia (Lv.25), Normal Sunny (Lv.25)
Kappa Engineer Nitori
Defense Hina (Lv.30), Defense Chiyuri (Lv.30), Power Nitori (Lv.32)
Kappa Engineer Nitori* Rematch(After Postgame)
Defense Hina (Lv.85), Speed Momiji (Lv.85), Speed Nitori (Lv.85), Power Hatate (Lv.85), Power Aya (Lv.85)