Javelin Skills

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A group of 7 Focus skills under the BU class that all have 80 Base Power, 15 SP, and 100 Accuracy. They get a +20% Damage boost when the user is holding the Javelin Arts item, and since they all have secondary effects, can be further boosted by the Charge! ability.

Skill Name Japanese Name Type Secondary Effect
Aqua Javelin アクアジャベリン Water 20% -1 Speed Drop
Fire Javelin ファイアジャベリン Fire 10% Burn chance
Grass Javelin グラスジャベリン Nature 10% Weak chance
Light Javelin ライトジャベリン Light 10% Confuse chance
Shadow Javelin シャドウジャベリン Nether 10% Scare chance
Spark Javelin スパークジャベリン Electric 10% Paralyze chance
Wind Javelin ウィンドジャベリン Wind 10% Flinch chance