Human Village Tournament

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Human Village Tournament
Overworld Theme This Dull World's Unchanging Pessimism
Wild Battle Theme (No wild battles)
Map Connections South: Human Village

The Human Village Tournament is a post-game location in Shard of Dreams that functions as a Battle Facility (like the Battle Tower in Pokemon games).


(Work in Progress)
-The tournament lasts for a streak of 50 matches with a Static Boss type enemy every 5 Battles.
-The battles consist of See 6/Pick 3 format matches, with each opponent having a team of 3 predetermined puppets that you have to defeat to proceed, a loss resulting in your streak being broken and having to start over from Round 1 of the Tournament.
-All the available opponents are the Human versions of every puppet in the entire game, including the ones that don't appear anywhere else in the game.
-Possible opponents are sorted into 5 tiers, that the game picks randomly from for the 4 battles before the Boss trainer which is always static, meaning the bosses are always the same in each new streak that you attempt.
-Each tier list of possible opponents lasts for 10 Rounds.
-Every opponent in the tournament has a preset team that they will always use, the teams they use are in no way randomized per encounter.


3 New Battle themes that can be used in Netplay after beating certain Bosses. (Each can only be obtained once)

Round 10 Win: Magical Fragment * 20
Round 20 Win: Rainbow Candy * 5
Round 30 Win: Hakurei Amulet * 1
Round 40 Win: Fate Thread * 3
Round 50 Win: Boundary Trance * 1

Note: Round Win rewards can be obtained an infinite amount of times, but only as long as you have the space for the entire stack of them in your bag, if you for example have 236 Magical Fragments in your bag, you will not be able to obtain the Magical Fragments at all from Round 10 win, because you only have space for 19, and will skip the reward altogether.


Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Rika Normal Lyrica Power Rikako Power Rika
Ellen Normal Chen Speed Rin Speed Ellen
Kotohime Normal Rinnosuke Power Marisa Defense Kotohime
Orange Normal Meiling Assist Chen Defense Orange
Sara Normal Elly Speed Meiling Defense Sara
Louise Normal Kana Power Elly Defense Louise
Rumia Normal Sagume Power Sariel Power Rumia
Daiyousei Normal Tokiko Assist Koakuma Speed Daiyousei
Cirno Normal Cirno Assist Cirno Power Cirno
Koakuma Normal Mugetsu Power Gengetsu Defense Koakuma
Chen Normal Shou Speed Rin Speed Chen
Lily Normal Shizuha Defense Letty Power Lily
Tokiko Normal Kosuzu Defense Patchouli Power Tokiko
Wriggle Normal Sumireko Power Sekibanki Power Wriggle
Mystia Normal Rinnosuke Speed Ellen Defense Mystia
Akyuu Normal Satori Power Kaguya Assist Akyuu
Rei'sen Normal Iku Power Seiga Speed Rei'sen
Shizuha Normal Remilia Assist Satori Power Shizuha
Minoriko Normal Flandre Assist Koishi Power Minoriko
Kisume Normal Youmu Assist Wriggle Defense Kisume
Yamame Normal Medicine Power Kokoro Assist Yamame
Kogasa Normal Suwako Speed Youmu Assist Kogasa
Kyouko Normal Yumeko Speed Rikako Power Kyouko
Wakasagi Normal Tojiko Power Konngara Speed Wakasagi
Sekibanki Normal Parse Speed Flandre Assist Sekibanki
Kagerou Normal Kikuri Defense Keine Speed Kagerou
Seiran Normal Erin Speed Yumemi Speed Serian
Ringo Normal Kasen Power Yuyuko Defense Ringo

Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Shingyoku Defense Ichirin Assist Ruukoto Assist Shingyouku
Magan Defense Satori Power Koishi Power Magan
Kikuri Power Ran Defense Mamizou Defense Kikuri
Meira Power Rikako Assist Kotohime Power Meira
Kana Power Yukari Speed Sumireko Power Kana
Rikako Assist Erin Power Yumemi Power Rikako
Chiyuri Power Murasa Speed Sanae Defense Chiyuri
Ruukoto Speed Rika Power Utsuho Power Ruukoto
Kurumi Power Gengetsu Speed Elis Power Kurumi
Elly Assist Koishi Speed Suwako Power Elly
Meiling Assist Sekibanki Defense Tokiko Defense Meiling
Lyrica Power Kokoro Defense Yuyuko Speed Lyrica
Merlin Speed Sarian Power Ran Assist Merlin
Lunasa Power Luna Defense Murasa Defense Lunasa
Tewi Power Murasa Power Mamizou Power Tewi
Suika Power Ringo Power Orange Defense Suika
Sunny Speed Utsuho Defense Yuuka Power Sunny
Luna Power Iku Defense Hina Speed Luna
Star Assist Hatate Power Sakuya Power Star
Nitori Speed Sara Power Futo Speed Nitori
Momiji Assist Lily Power Shizuha Speed Momiji
Parsee Power Junko Defense Suwako Assist Parsee
Yuugi Power Suika Power Kasen Power Yuugi
Nazrin Assist Kyouko Speed Chyuri Speed Nazrin
Ichirin Power Rika Power Nue Power Ichirin
Yoshika Power Yoshika Power Yoshika Power Yoshika
Seiga Defense Star Power Hecatia Power Seiga
Benben Speed Yatasuhashi Assist Lunasa Power Benben
Yatsuhashi Assist Erin Defense Kanako Defense Yatasuhashi
Clownpiece Defense Shingyouku Power Erin Speed Clownpiece

Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Konngara Power Meira Speed Youmu Speed Konngara
Patchouli Speed Nitori Power Alice Defense Patchouli
Sakuya Speed Meiling Power Remilia Power Sakuya
Youmu Speed Sakuya Assist Udonge Power Youmu
Udonge Assist Koishi Defense Alice Power Udonge
Aya Speed Futo Speed Marisa Speed Aya
Komachi Power Yukari Defense Meiling Power Komatchi
Sanae Speed Yorihime Power Reimu Speed Sanae
Iku Assist Yamame Power Wakasagi Power Iku
Rin Power Erin Power Ichirin Power Rin
Utsuho Power Cirno Power Koishi Power Utsuho
Koishi Speed Yuki Defense Tenshi Power Koishi
Murasa Assist Wriggle Speed Mokou Defense Murasa
Shou Power Marisa Defense Star Power Shou
Nue Power Flandre Assist Koishi Power Nue
Tojiko Power Mina Speed Konngara Speed Tojiko
Futo Power Keine Power Aya Speed Futo
Seija Power Sukuna Defense Sagume Speed Seija
Sukuna Power Suika Power Yuugi Defense Sukuna
Raiko Power Benben Defense Yatasuhashi Assist Raiko
Doremy Speed Remilia Speed Utsuho Extra Doremy
Sagume Power Shinki Defense Kanako Power Sagume

Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Elis Assist Kurumi Extra Remilia Speed Elis
Sariel Power Tenshi Speed Gengetsu Extra Sariel
Mima Defense Yuuka Power Marisa Extra Mima
Yumemi Defense Chiyuri Speed Sumireko Power Yumemi
Yuki Power Mai Assist Louise Power Yuki
Mai Extra Yuki Extra Yumeko Extra Mai
Yumeko Power Mugetsu Power Sakuya Extra Yumeko
Flandre Extra Mugetsu Assist Koishi Extra Flandre
Yuyuko Defense Mima Speed Tojiko Extra Yuyuko
Ran Speed Seiga Power Junko Power Ran
Eirin Speed Yorihime Power Toyohime Extra Eirin
Kaguya Assist Tewi Defense Sukuna Extra Kaguya
Yorihime Extra Konngara Extra Youmu Extra Yorihime
Toyohime Power Yuyuko Defense Kokoro Extra Toyohime
Kanako Extra Sanae Speed Suwako Extra Kanako
Suwako Extra Suika Defense Tenshi Extra Suwako
Tenshi Power Suika Power Iku Extra Tenshi
Hijiri Defense Ichirin Extra Shou Defense Hijiri
Miko Speed Futo Extra Tojiko Power Miko
Mamizou Power Mokou Extra Koishi Extra Mamizou
Kokoro Speed Miko Speed Hijiri Extra Kokoro
Junko Speed Clownpiece Power Hecatia Power Junko
Hecatia Power Hecatia Defense Hecatia Extra Hecatia

Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Yuuka Extra Kurumi Power Elly Extra Yuuka
Mugetsu Extra Yorihime Speed Flandre Extra Mugetsu
Gengetsu Extra Toyohime Speed Remilia Extra Gengetsu
Remilia Power Sakuya Extra Flandre Speed Remilia
Letty Defense Yuuka Extra Shizuha Extra Letty
Mokou Extra Suwako Extra Junko Power Mokou
Medicine Power Alice Power Kokoro Extra Medicine
Hina Extra Yamame Defense Sagume Extra Hina
Hatate Power Aya Extra Momiji Assist Hatate
Sumireko Defense Tenshi Defense Kokoro Extra Sumireko

Trainer Puppet 1 Puppet 2 Puppet 3
Rinnosuke (Round 05) Power Tokiko Power Reimu Power Rinnosuke
Eiki (Round 10) Defense Hecatia Power Komachi Extra Eiki
Keine (Round 15) Extra Rika Extra Hecatia Defense Keine
Alice (Round 20) Extra Patchouli Power Marisa Extra Alice
Marisa (Round 25) Defense Alice Power Mima Extra Marisa
Kasen (Round 30) Extra Iku Extra Shou Power Kasen
Kosuzu (Round 35) Speed Sumireko Assist Akyuu Extra Kosuzu
Satori (Round 40) Power Rin Extra Utsuho Extra Satori
Shinki (Round 45) Extra Sariel Defense Hecatia Power Shinki
Reimu (Round 48) Defense Suika Defense Yukari Defense Reimu
Yukari (Round 49) Extra Chen Extra Ran Extra Yukari
Renko & Maribel (Round 50) Extra Renko Extra Sumireko Extra Maribel


Tournament Grounds: [Link]


-The standard trainer battle music for Rounds 01-09 is "Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes" from Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom.
-The standard trainer battle music for Rounds 11-47 is "Old Yuanxian" from Touhou 13 - Ten Desires.
-The boss trainer battle music for Rounds 05-20 is "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom" from Touhou 11 - Subterranean Animism.
-The boss trainer battle music for Rounds 25-45 is "Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure" from Touhou 12.3 - Hisoutensoku (Unperceiving of Natural Law).
-The boss trainer music for Round 48 is "Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White" from ZUN's Music Collection #1: Hourai Doll ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise.
-The boss trainer music for Round 49 is "A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy/Necrofantasia" from Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom.
-The boss trainer music for Round 50 is "Theme of Eastern Story" from History of Yougakudan 5 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score Vol.5.