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Overworld Theme Bhava'agra as Seen Through a Child's Mind
Wild Battle Theme Tengu is Watching ~ Black Eye's
Map Connections Gap Map Only

Heaven is a collection of separate realms existing above the Earth. *SoD location.

Event Overview

In heaven the player will find and ask Tenshi about the source of the puppets. She refuses, telling the player she will only tell them if they beat her. After losing, Tenshi angrily asks why the player battled her despite knowing the source of the puppets.


Level Range (64~66)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Defense Ichirin Assist Raiko Defense Tenshi
Ichirin.gif Raiko.gif Tenshi.gif
Fighting Electric Sound Electric Earth Light
26.67% 16.67% 16.67%
Speed Iku Defense Suika
Iku.gif Suika.gif
Electric Wind Fighting Fire
20% 20%


Trainer Puppets
Oarfish Iku
Speed Seiga (Lv.66), Speed Rei'sen (Lv.66), Power Sagume (Lv.66), Power Iku (Lv.68)
Power Iku (Lv.70), Power Suika (Lv.70) , Power Tenshi (Lv.70)