Hakurei Shrine(Outside World)

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Hakurei Shrine
Hakurei Shrine (Outside).png
Overworld Theme Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey
Wild Battle Theme No wild battles exist on this map
Map Connections North: Hakurei Mountain

A derelict shrine somewhere in Japan. Is a quite popular visiting spot for those into Touhou Project. Functions as an abandoned version of Gensokyo's Hakurei Shrine

Overview of Events

Human World

When the player starts their game, they are initially in the Hakurei Shrine of the outside world. That version of the Hakurei Shrine is where the player selects their favorite Touhou Project character, which determines the starter they get. The player must also talk to every NPC in the outside world shrine before being able to progress the game.


  • Renko & Maribel Appare behind the Shrine in TPDP, in SoD Sumireko Appears sleeping on a bench.
  • The person you select your favorite Touhou character from is presumed to be the developer of the Touhou Project series, ZUN.