Hakurei Mountain Path

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Hakurei Mountain Path
Overworld Theme A Dream That is More Scarlet than Red
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections North: Hakurei Mountain Cave
South: Hakurei Shrine
North East: Behind Hakurei Mountaina

The Hakurei Mountain path is an area north of the Hakurei Shrine. It features several ponds, the entrance to Hakurei Mountain Cave and the Fairies of Light tree.

Overview of Events

Initial Visit

After speaking to the Puppet Yukari, the player finds themselves on the beach in Gensokyo. When they begin moving back the way they came, they will notice a shaking in the grass. Out of the grass comes the puppet the player had chosen as their favorite. The puppet will begin to approach the player before Marisa runs up to warn them of the puppet. Once Marisa warns the player, Marisa will lend the player a puppet in order for you to battle the wild puppet. After defeating the wild puppet, it bonds with the player without a seal, surprising Marisa. Marisa suggests that they both go back to the Hakurei Shrine to seek help.

Return to Hakurei Mountain Path

Before reaching the required point in the story, the path will be blocked by Suika sleeping. Once the player returns to the path, they won't be able to get far before being noticed by Reimu. Reimu gets irratated at the sight of the player, blaming them for the escalation of the puppet incident. Reimu then attacks you with her puppets because she assumes the player is the culprit. After losing, the player tries to talk sense into Reimu telling her that the incident is affecting the outside world as well and that they are heading to Makai to investigate. Reimu agrees with the player that checking other realms is a wise plan and decides to check out heaven. She tells the player that if the incident is from Makai, she expects the player to stop it and then leaves.


Level Range: (level 47~49)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Normal Reimu Normal Shingyoku Assist Sunny Power Luna
Reimu.gif Shingyoku.gif Sunny.gif Luna.gif
Void Illusion Void Light Light Wind
17.86% 17.86% 10.71% 10.71%
Power Star Power Sunny Speed Luna Defense Star
Star.gif Sunny.gif Luna.gif Star.gif
Light Water Light Fire Light Sound Light Illusion
10.71% 10.71% 10.71% 10.71%

Level Range: (level 47~49)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Normal Reimu Normal Shingyoku Assist Sunny
Reimu.gif Shingyoku.gif Sunny.gif
Void Illusion Void Light
6.67% 13.33% 26.67%
Power Luna Power Star
Luna.gif Star.gif
Light Water Light Wind
26.67% 26.67%


Trainer Puppets
Shrine Maiden of Gensokyo Reimu
Power Aya (Lv.54), Defense Suika (Lv.54), Defense Yukari (Lv.54), Power Reimu (Lv.56)
Three Fairies of Light(After Post Game)
Extra Sunny (Lv.90), Extra Luna (Lv.90), Power Star (Lv.90)

SoD 1.103 Trainers (Detailed)

Shrine Maiden of Gensokyo Reimu
Power Aya
Lv. 54
Defense Suika
Lv. 54
Defense Yukari
Lv. 54
Type 1 Wind Type 1 Fighting Type 1 Illusion
Type 2 Fighting Type 2 Fire Type 2 Dark
Ability Salvo Ability Charge! Ability Unjustness
Held Item Champion's Medal Held Item Bandage Held Item Food Rations
Skills Skills Skills
Twister Strike Shot Inferno Exploding Blaze Eye of Laplace Inferno
Shooting Arts Godstone Frenzy Rocky Barrage Aura Drain Unknown Flare Warped Sign
Power Reimu
Lv. 56
Type 1 Fighting
Type 2 Illusion
Ability Economist
Held Item Life Charm
Life Burst Mirage Edge
St. Elmo's Fire Tumble Plant

Fairies of Light
Extra Luna
Lv. 90
Power Star
Lv. 90
Extra Sunny
Lv. 90
Type 1 Sound Type 1 Light Type 1 Light
Type 2 Warped Type 2 Water Type 2 Warped
Ability Healing Power Ability Niche Ability Some Guts
Held Item Counter Bit Held Item Choice Ring Held Item Reflect Bit
Skills Skills Skills
Stealth Trap Drain Seed Tumble Plant Over Ray Revolving Illusions Grace of Mana
Dancing Rain Decrescendo High Tide Luminous Flux Fire Wall Bout Drunkard
^a Shard of Dreams only.