Former Hell City

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Former Hell City
Overworld Theme Walking the Streets of a Former Hell
Wild Battle Theme None
Map Connections South: Cave to the Underground
West: Former Hell Tournament
North: Road to Chireiden

The Former Capital is a large village in Former Hell, deep within the Underworld. It is situated between the Deep Road to Hell, guarded by Parsee Mizuhashi, and the Palace of the Earth Spirits, where the sisters Satori Komeiji and Koishi Komeiji live.

Event Overview

  • This info was written for SoD and may not reflect base TPDP

When the player tries to leave to the north they are blocked by event staff, forcing them to fight in the tournament. After beating Mima in the tournament, she reveals that the puppets source of power is coming from multiple locations. She then heads back to her home in Reimaden After winning the tournment, the player gets a youma book and is able to head north.


Rest House

Name Japanese Name Cost
Fujiwara Senbei 300円
Hakugyou Dango 500円
Chirei Sweet Bun 700円
Misty Jelly 1200円
Moriya Shinshu 1500円
Myouren Tea 600円

Javelin Master

Name Japanese Name Price
Talisman 護符 200円
Magatama 勾玉 300円
Eviction Notice 退場勧告 250000円
Retreat Manual 退却の心得書 250000円
Black Choker 黒いチョーカー 250000円
Rebellion Tome 反骨の心得書 250000円
Deadly Secrets 必殺の極意 120000円
Straw Doll 藁人形 120000円
Repetitive Arts 連撃の極意 12000円
Javelin Arts 槍投の極意 10000円
Skill Card 1 - Fire Javelin スキルカード1 25000円
Skill Card 2 - Aqua Javelin スキルカード2 25000円
Skill Card 3 - Grass Javelin スキルカード3 25000円
Skill Card 4 - Wind Javelin スキルカード4 25000円
Skill Card 5 - Spark Javelin スキルカード5 25000円
Skill Card 6 - Light Javelin スキルカード6 25000円
Skill Card 7 - Shadow Javelin スキルカード7 25000円
Contract Thread 契約の糸 600円
Oath Thread 誓約の糸 1200円

Tournament(Sod Exclusive)

To exit the city to the north the player must win the tournament consisting of:

Trainer Puppets
Evil Spirit Smofie
Speed Tojiko (Lv.35), Defense Parsee (Lv.35), Assist Lunasa (Lv.35)
Youkai Torute
Power Hatate (Lv.35), Power Sanae (Lv.35), Assist Udonge (Lv.35)
Eternal Evil Spirit Mima
Power Marisa (Lv.43), Defense Reimu (Lv.43), Power Mima (Lv.45)