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Sometimes during battle the state of that battlefeel can change, and this can have numerous effects on skills and abilities. There are two big types of field changes - Weather and Terrain. Weather effects and Terrain effects can stack into each other, but cannot stack onto one another - for example, you can have one weather effect and one terrain effect on the field at the same time, but you can't have two weather effects at the same time.

Types of Weather Effects


Calm prevents additional effects of skills from occurring.


Aurora raises the power of Light skills and lowers the power of Darkness skills.

Heavy Fog

Heavy Fog raises the power of Darkness skills and lowers the power of Light skills.

Dust Storm

Dust Storm deals constant damage to Puppets each turn unless they're of the Earth or Steel attribute.


Sunshower switches Focus Defense and Spread Defense base stats.

Types of Terrain Effects


When Seiryu is in effect, the elemental affinity compatibility between Skills and Puppets becomes neutralized. This means that every skill will hit for neutral damage with regard to typing, as opposed to being super-effective or not very effective. Skills that had no compatibility to begin with will have no changes.


When Suzaku is in effect, with some exceptions, the HP Restoration caused by Skills or Abilities is turned into damage.


When Byakko is in effect, with some exceptions, Skills become 100% accurate, but critical hits will not occur.


When Genbu is in effect, the order of turns is reversed, and slower Puppets move first.


When Kohryu is in effect, items are disabled, skills will ignore abilities, and abilities that affect skills will become nullified.