Constriction Skills

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A group of 6 skills that all have a 4-5 turn trapping effect that also deals constriction damage of 1/16th of the max HP to the trapped puppet while the effect is still active at the end of each turn. The Sturdy Rope hold item doubles the constriction damage that the opponent receives at the end of the turn from 1/16th of their max HP up to 1/8th of their max HP.

Skill Name Japanese Name Type Category Class Base Power Accuracy Max SP
Fire-Dragon Spiral 炎龍の舞 Fire Spread EN 100 75% 5
Fire-Snake Spiral 炎蛇の舞 Fire Spread EN 20 100% 20
Heavy Rain 集中豪雨 Water Spread EN 20 100% 20
Dust Devil Gate 塵旋の門 Earth Focus BU 20 100% 20
Great Tornado 大竜巻 Wind Focus EN 20 100% 20
Infinite Darkness 無限の闇 Dark Spread EN 20 100% 20