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In Touhou Puppet Dance Performance and its expansion Shard of Dreams, there are certain hold items that will recover a Puppets Status condition, as long as it matches the status condition specified in the description. These types of items are called Status Recovery Items. There is only one category of these hold items, Status Recovery.

Note: Skill Seal is not the name of an actual status condition, but is used to refer to the effect caused by moves like Upbeat, which cause certain skills to be temporarily sealed and unable to be used until the effect wears off.

Status Recovery

Youkai Mountain Descent - Travelling Merchant

Item Name Japanese Name Status Healed Price
Curing Charm 治癒の符 All, except "Skill Seal" 50000円
Massage Charm 按摩の符 Paralysis/Shocked 20000円
Awakening Charm 覚醒の符 Stopped 20000円
Antidote Charm 解毒の符 Poisoned/Heavy Poisoned 20000円
Ointment Charm 八上の符 Burned/Heavy Burned 20000円
Light Charm 光明の符 Darkness 20000円
Relief Charm 安堵の符 Fear 20000円
Courage Charm 気付の符 Weak/Heavy Weak 20000円
Clarity Charm 収拾の符 Confusion 20000円
Dispel Charm 解呪の符 "Skill Seal" 50000円


Item Name Japanese Name Status Healed Location