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All of the content on this page is stuff that is unused within Touhou Puppet Dance Performance and its expansion, Shard of Dreams.

Unused Abilities

For unused Abilities, go here instead.

Unused Items

Anything in this category is entirely unimplemented and does not work. Trying to add it to your inventory causes it to automatically delete itself.

Name Japanese Name Effect
Junmaishu 純米酒 Recovers 10 SP to one Skill of an individual Puppet. Unimplimented.
Honjouzoushu 本醸造酒 Restores full SP to one skill of an individual Puppet. Unimplimented.
Ginjoushu 吟醸酒 Recovers 10 SP to al lSkills of an individual Puppet. Unimplimented.
Daiginjoushu 大吟醸酒 Restores full SP to all skills of an individual Puppet. Unimplimented.
ExSpeed Charm 神速の符 When in a pich this will allow the Puppet to move before the other party. Unimplimented.
Disk Talisman タリスマン A round amulet. A Puppet holding this will recover HP if it is attacked by its foe. Unimplemented.
Sturdy Vine 丈夫なツル A sturdy vine that increases the turns of binding moves when held. Unimplemened.
Protective Mask 防護マスク (Safety Goggles)気密性の高いマスク。 持たせると天候や粉系のスキルの影響を受けなくなる。Unimplemented
Restart Charm 再始の符 When held by a Puppet it can recover 10 SP. Unimplimented.
Reflection Charm 反射の符 When held by a Puppet when attacked by a foe with a Spread Attack the foe will take damage. Unimplimented.
Map of Gensokyo 幻想郷之地図 Map of Gensokyo.

Unused Maps

NULL: [Link]

Forest Ring: [Link]

Hills Ring: [Link]

Caves Ring: [Link]

Village Ring: [Link]

Ice Ring: [Link]

Unused Trainers

Trainer Puppets
Ordinary Magician - Marisa
Normal Sunny (Lv.5)
Sunflower Fairy - Rafania
Normal Nazrin (Lv.17)
Fairy - Floria
Normal Aya (Lv.15) Normal Aya (Lv.15)
Fairy - Liese
Normal Nazrin (Lv.14) Normal Rin (Lv.15) Normal Aya (Lv.17)
Haunted - Tadateru
Normal Kana (Lv.18) Normal Rin (Lv.18)
Shrine Maiden of Paradise - Reimu
Normal Alice (Lv.19) Normal Patchouli (Lv.19) Normal Marisa (Lv.19) Normal Udonge (Lv.20) Normal Kasen (Lv.18) Normal Reimu (Lv.19)
Normal Reimu (Lv.1)
Fairy Maid - Eme*
Normal Lily (Lv.25) Normal Cirno (Lv.25)
Fairy Maid - Saya*
Normal Sunny (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Aria*
Normal Luna (Lv.25) Normal Ruukoto (Lv.25)
Fairy Maid - Kuroe*
Normal Cirno (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Felt*
Normal Sakuya (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Zaza*
Normal Lily (Lv.24) Normal Lily (Lv.24) Normal Lily (Lv.24)
- Test
Normal Reimu (Lv.19) Normal Suika (Lv.17) Normal Sukuna (Lv.17)
- Veteran
Power Lyrica (Lv.50) Power Ellen (Lv.100)
Tester - Test Man
Normal Sunny (Lv.10) Normal Sunny (Lv.10)

Trainers marked with a * are in the unreachable area in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.