Scarlet Devil Mansion Depths

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Scarlet Devil Mansion Depths
SDM Depths.png
Overworld Theme The Centenial Festival for Magical Girls
Wild Battle Theme N/A
Map Connections Scarlet Devil Mansion

Shard of Dreams only

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The Depths of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, located far beneath the base structure, which houses a extremely dangerous vampire by the name of Flandre Scarlet, the emotionally unstable little sister of Remilia, who has the terrifying ability to destroy anything and everything, and you are here to "play" with her at the request of Remilia.

If you want to avoid Spoilers for puzzle solutions, don't go any further.

Hub Room: On the top left corner is a bookshelf with Flandre's diary, and before all of the following rooms, the diary will mention an event related to what happens in the coming room as a form of hint.
Room 1: The maid is hungry and collapsed, and a cake sits on the table. Feed her the Whole Shortcake and she will faint from eating too much, dropping the key in the process. Feeding her a slice of the Shortcake will result in a fight.
Room 2: There's a sleeping maid with the key next to her. Collect the key and check the fairy to examine an alarm clock. Change the time and leave the room. Leaving the clock or not checking the fairy when trying to exit will ensue a battle.
Room 3: Go to the locked door and step back. The maid will approach and demand to play tag. She'll start running away after saying "Boom!". Run and catch her by tapping Z to try to check her whenever you're close enough. If you catch her before 200 steps, you'll be given the key, otherwise she'll fight.
Room 4: Talk to the maid to play with her. She'll hide in one of the small trees. Try to cut the northeastern tree in the corner until she gives you the key. Cut 3 wrong trees and you'll enter a battle.
Room 5: Check the maid and she'll run away. Lead her to the center then check her from the south. She'll run up and anger the bees, letting you collect the key from her when she faints. You must chase her this way. Leading her to the beehive from the right will not work. If you lead her to the left from the center, she'll battle.
Room 6: You'll be put on trial by the maids over a mystery. Answer 4 simple questions honestly and you'll be allowed through. Lie at any point and you'll be forced to fight.
Room 7: There are three paths in front of you, and a colored maid next to each one stating which one is the correct one for you to deduce. The blue and yellow paths are wrong, and the yellow one has a battle in it. The red path is correct and the blue path has nothing in it.
Room 8: Talk to the maid. She'll hand you a Ripped Teddy Bear for you to fix. Examine the northwest cabinet, the northeast closet, the cooking boiler, the bed, and the southeastern-most box for the materials, then the paper on the table to fix the plushie. Give the Big Teddy Bear to the maid to get the key. Giving the Ripped Teddy Bear back will result in a fight.
Room 9: Flandre talks about a dream in her diary. You can hold up to 3 of the puppets in this room. Grab at least the Utsuho and Yuuka puppets and give them to the maid to pass through. Giving her any combination of puppets without those two will get you a fight.
Room 10: You may check the picture on the table. Leave back to the table room and the last bear will be gone. Collect your Ancient Coin and return to the room to encounter Flandre. She'll fight you upon entering the room.


No Wild Puppet encounters


Trainer Puppets
Four of a Kind Flandre
Speed Utsuho (Lv.65), Speed Clownpiece (Lv.65), Power Mokou (Lv.65)
Four of a Kind Flandre
Power Udonge (Lv.65), Speed Gengetsu (Lv.65), Speed Sakuya (Lv.65)
Four of a Kind Flandre
Defense Yuuka (Lv.65), Defense Tenshi (Lv.65), Defense Sukuna (Lv.65)
Sister of the Devil Flandre
Speed Flandre (Lv.68), Power Flandre (Lv.68), Extra Flandre (Lv.68)
Fairy Maid Anthony
Power Yuyuko (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Ethel
Speed Meiling (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid McArthur
Defense Louise (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Thomas
Speed Youmu (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Emily
Power Eirin (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Lawrence
Power Eiki (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid William
Power Tewi (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Edward
Power Yuugi (Lv.65)
Fairy Maid Phillip
Speed Utsuho (Lv.65)
Sister of the Devil Flandre
Defense Hecatia (Lv.95), Power Raiko (Lv.95), Speed Suwako (Lv.95), Power Nue (Lv.95), Extra Koishi (Lv.95), Extra Flandre (Lv.95)


  • During your second time here after the post game, your rematch with Flandre will have a unique battle theme, which is a remaster of the remix of her theme (U.N. Owen was Her?) and the Gym Leader theme in Pokemon FRLG from the original Touhou Puppet Play games.