Money and EXP Farming Guide

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This guide is currently only for the Expansion of TPDP, Shard of Dreams. I will add a base game one later once I have the materials to build the guide for it.

EXP-focused Route

With this method, you will be able to raise your Reincarnated/freshly caught Puppets levels extremely quickly. You can raise 1-5 Puppets at a time using this farming area. Also a decent source of Money, but other route gives more.


Hell: Hell Fairy of Madness Jeshua (Mad Hell Fairy 1)


1. Beat the Main Story.
2. Reach Hell by entering the previously locked Nightmare Hut at the Sanzu River, and sleeping in the bed here while having a B.Dream Pill in your Bag.
3. Clear out the Tower with 3 Hell Fairies, and defeat Clownpiece at the end.
4. After defeating Clownpiece, speak to her at the table Junko, Hecatia, and Clownpiece are drinking Tea at outside the tower.
5. She will ask if you "Do you want to play with the mad fairies?", choose the "Yes" option, and she will power up the Hell Fairies up to almost max level (Level 95). (you can change the Hell Fairies back to Normal by talking with her again if you need to).

You can now fight the first Hell Fairy as many times as you to need using the EReimu set below, by battling her, exiting the tower, then walking right back into the tower to fight her again.
Note: if you need to recover your Puppets SP, you can talk to Junko (Blonde with black outfit on left side of table) and she will ask you if you would like to have Tea, say "Yes", and she will recover your team to full as if you rested at a Rest Stop.

Farming Puppet

Note: Needs to be Level 92 minimum

Extra Reimu @ Layla's Amulet
Ability: Mind's Eye (Doesn't Matter)
EVs: 64 Focus Attack / 2 Focus Defense / 64 Speed
Green Mark
- Flying Frenzy
- Distortion Bomb
- High Tone Crush
- Flower of Hell

Moves to use

Extra Yuugi: Distortion Bomb
Speed Konngara: Distortion Bomb
Speed Remilia: Flying Frenzy
Power Sagume: Flying Frenzy
Extra Yukari: High Tone Crush
Speed Shinki: Flower of Hell

Number of Wins with Native Grace / Hakurei Amulet to reach Level 70

80 Cost: 7
90 Cost: 7
100 Cost: 8
110 Cost: 9
120 Cost: 9

Number of Wins with Native Grace / Hakurei Amulet to reach Level 100 (Not recommended)

80 Cost: 28
90 Cost: 32
100 Cost: 35
110 Cost: 37
120 Cost: 40

Money-focused Route

This method gives more Money (円) then the other route does, an average of 9200円 more.


Hell: Hell Fairy of Madness Ehre (Mad Hell Fairy 3)


Same as EXP route, just facing a different Puppeteer. Once defeated, you can enter the room Clownpiece was originally in, take one step up, then walk back down, the game will ask you if you want to teleport to the exit, say "No", and go back to the 3rd floor where you just fought Ehre, you can immediately rematch her again without having to leave the tower.

Farming Puppets

Note: Both need to be Level 100-

Power Ran @ Layla's Amulet
Ability: Morale Boost
EVs: 64 Focus Attack / 56 Speed
Green Mark
- Flame Pillar
- Mirage Edge
- Flower of Hell
- Tumble Plant


Extra Satori @ Layla's Amulet
Ability: Infinite Changes
EVs: 64 Focus Attack / 46 Speed
Green Mark
- Burn Strike
- Revolving Illusions
- Ephemeral
- Tumble Plant

Moves to use

First move is Power Ran, second is Extra Satori
Speed Yumeko: Flame Pillar / Burn Strike
Speed Suwako: Tumble Plant for both
Power Eiki: Flower of Hell / Revolving Illusions
Power Ran: Flower of Hell / Ephemeral or Revolving Illusions*
Power Mamizou: Flower of Hell / Revolving Illusions
Speed Flandre: Flower of Hell / Revolving Illusions or Ephemeral*

*Note: Power Mamizou cannot be taken out with Ephemeral in a single hit.
-Power Mamizou will disguise herself as Speed Flandre if she comes out before the real Speed Flandre, in which case Speed Flandre can be taken out with Ephemeral after Power Mamizou is defeated, as that move can defeat Speed Flandre in a single hit.
-If the real Speed Flandre came out before Power Mamizou, Power Mamizou will instead disguise herself as Power Ran, and you should use Revolving Illusions instead of Ephemeral to be sure you take out Power Mamizou in a single attack.