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In Touhou Puppet Dance Performance and its expansion Shard of Dreams, there are certain hold items that will lower the amount of damage done to a Puppet. These types of items are called Damage-Reducing Items, and they come in a few varieties on how they decrease the damage received. The first being Type Based Decrease, which function like the berries from Pokemon with the same concept, and the second being Category Based Decrease, which boost the specified categories Defense stat by 50% to lessen the damage received, essentially the Assault Vest from Pokemon, and the third

Note: Damage decreasing items have no effect on fixed damage moves like Charon Ferries

Type Based Decrease

"Type Based Decrease" are a set of Charms in the Hold Item 1 pocket that will halve (-50%) the power of Super Effective Skill that matches the type the Charm it is associated with, for example Anti-Toxin Charm halves Poison type skill damage received by the holder, as long as it is super effective to the holder, which is then consumed after use.

In Shard of Dreams they got a bit of an upgrade, in SoD these charms also weaken the damage for puppets that don't receive super effective damage from that type, for example a Void type puppet will still get the benefits from an Anti-Flora Charm, even though they take neutral damage from Nature type Skills normally, so they can be held by any puppet no matter its typing.

Youkai Mountain Descent - Travelling Merchant

Item Name Japanese
Anti-Fire Charm 耐炎の符 Fire 15000円
Anti-Aqua Charm 耐水の符 Water 15000円
Anti-Flora Charm 耐然の符 Nature 15000円
Anti-Earth Charm 耐地の符 Earth 15000円
Anti-Steel Charm 耐鋼の符 Steel 15000円
Anti-Wind Charm 耐風の符 Wind 15000円
Anti-Bolt Charm 耐雷の符 Electric 15000円
Anti-Light Charm 耐光の符 Light 15000円
Anti-Dark Charm 耐闇の符 Dark 15000円
Anti-Necro Charm 耐冥の符 Nether 15000円
Anti-Toxin Charm 耐毒の符 Poison 15000円
Anti-Fight Charm 耐闘の符 Fighting 15000円
Anti-Veil Charm 耐幻の符 Illusion 15000円
Anti-Sound Charm 耐音の符 Sound 15000円
Anti-Warp Charm 耐歪の符 Warped 15000円