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In Touhou Puppet Dance Performance and its expansion Shard of Dreams, there are certain hold items that will boost the damage done by a Puppet depending on the type of attack. These types of items are called Damage-Boosting Items, and they come in a few varieties on how they increase damage. The first being Category Increasing, which focus on increasing the damage of a specific category (Focus or Spread) of Skills by either 1.5x damage in exchange for being locked into the first move you use, or 1.1x damage with no move restrictions, and are found in the Hold Item 2 category of the bag.

Category Increasing

"Category increasing" are a set of hold items that will boost the power of associated Category of Skills by a certain amount. Choice items will increase their designated Categories damage by 1.5x, but will be locked into using the first move that they use. If it is given to an opponent through a move like Shark Trade, or stolen with an ability like Collectomaniac, the next move they use will be the one that gets locked (it does not function the same way as Encourage, in the sense that it does not lock them into the last move they used before receiving the item). The colored version of these items only boost their designated categories damage by 1.1x, but do not lock you into the first move you use

Kirisame Shop

Item Name Japanese Name Boosted Category Price
Choice Ring こだわりリング Focus Attack 250000円
Choice Earrings こだわりピアス Spread Attack 250000円


Item Name Japanese Name Boosted Category Price
Red Ring 赤いリング Focus Attack 1000円
Blue Earrings 青いピアス Spread Attack 1000円

Javelin Master

Item Name Japanese Name Boosted Category Price
Deadly Secrets 必殺の極意 Super effective Attacks 120000円
Straw Doll 藁人形 Focus and Spread Attacks 120000円
Repetitive Arts 連撃の極意 Focus and Spread Attacks 12000円
Javelin Arts 槍投の極意 Javelin Attacks 10000円


Sturdy Rope - doubles constriction damage from 1/16 to 1/8

Straw Doll - 30% extra damage to all attacking moves in exchange for 1/10th of your max HP

Deadly Secrets - boosts damage of super effective moves by 30%

Repetitive Arts - boosts a moves damage by 20% every time it is used in succession, up to 100% (6 times for max 0>20>40>60>80>100)

Javelin Arts - boosts power of "Javelin" skills by 20%